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One Church Southlake

Newmarket Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

Newmarket Prayer Breakfast

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Sponsorship - 2017

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One Church Southlake Prayer Breakfast Sponsorship Campaign 2016 / 2017

January 2017

Dear Cherished Friend, Partner and Valued Sponsor,

When we stand TOGETHER, great things happen! On Wednesday, March 08th 2017 we plan to gather in Newmarket, under the One Church Southlakes Region – Churches Together umbrella - to once again lift up our leaders in intercessory prayer together, as a community. Please put this date on your calendar NOW and share in the vision of unity, in a spirit of collaboration and fellowship, here in our own backyard!

We also invite, encourage and welcome local key partners, to join with us as sponsors and supporters,/b>, providing the seeding capital and required financial support, (specifically our event and youth sponsorships)*, to make this truly intergenerational this year, as we look to continue to foster strong, lasting relationships and connections, in and around our Town and surrounding area. WE THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THINKING OF OTHERS IN THIS WAY, WITH GRACE, GENEROSITY AND GRATITUDE! We so much appreciate your support and key role in our community!

We welcome referrals and support, in all shapes and sizes! From getting the word out, to creating a truly inspirational event, from start-to-finish, being inclusive and welcoming to ALL, particularly our YOUTH – inviting them to join us, in a BIG way this year – we want 50+ of our high-school students from local area high-schools, in attendance and part of the event, serving their community (and breakfast), for community hours this year, taking pictures, being hospitality hosts, participating in the program and MORE! THIS CAN SIMPLY PUT, NOT BE DONE WITHOUT YOUR FULL SUPPORT, ENTHUSIASM AND PARTICIPATION!

This is an early-morning event and time, intentionally set aside, when we can draw together in unity and demonstrate our willingness to share, in a single voice, the common need for choosing to LOVE NEWMARKET and show compassion, here in our own neighbourhoods, streets and where we work, live, play and thrive! TO PRAY!/b> Aside from being a vital part of our vibrant community life, this event is growing! As an event partner and sponsor, you will receive a unique opportunity to reach into the very cross-section and heart of our community, FOR you and YOUR business/organization, church, while supporting a worthy initiative for leadership development and community-building.

There are many different ways to get involved, donate and even SPONSOR community and youth representatives to participate and attend, (especially those who would not typically be able to afford the price of the ticket). ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TOWARDS COVERING EVENT COSTS. In the event of a surplus, local Newmarket charities will receive any excess funds at the discretion of the steering committee. This is a not-for-profit, non-denominational, non-political, grass-roots community-group, volunteer-run initiative, gathering to support, encourage and pray for our leaders, our country and our future!

As a PRAYER BREAKFAST-partner/sponsor, your name/business name will appear on every event- program for the Prayer Breakfast, as well as in the local press releases, on the website with hyperlinks for that much appreciated cross-pollination and networking. Many people use these types of events as a guide to select and support local businesses that benefit local non-profit participation, in numerous and significant ways. What a great way to let people in the community recognize you as a supporter-partner, by becoming a Prayer Breakfast Sponsor. Be sure to ask about our event, corporate and youth sponsorships. Our team would be happy to answer and address any questions, concerns or enquiries.

We look forward to an inspired exchange, so do not miss it! If you are interested in being a part of this event, lend your support and financial backing to this event and community initiative, please contact our Sponsorship Team should you have any questions.


Karin Theron, Jacki Mintz – One-Church Southlakes Region – Churches Together – Newmarket Annual Prayer Breakfast


Come and join with Church and Business leaders in Prayer for Our Community